January Research Brief Focuses on Transfer

The January 2011 edition of Research and Practice examines student transfer statistics for fiscal years 2005-2009. The information is part of a comprehensive transfer study published by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment in November 2010.  Click on the above link or image to

Transfer is a key metric of student success at the College.  Results from a comprehensive transfer study on our former students indicate that a large number transfer and continue their education at local institutions, such as Temple, Gwynedd-Mercy and West Chester, as well as at four-year institutions throughout the Commonwealth and nation.

An interesting finding in the report is that certain colleges where our students had high graduation rates, such as Thomas Jefferson, Eastern and LaSalle, did not necessarily align with where the majority of students transferred.

Another significant finding suggests that if students graduate from the College and transfer, they are more likely to graduate from their transfer institution than those who do not graduate from the College but transfer to a four-year institution.

Click here to view/download full transfer report (PDF).

For example, from the 2005 fiscal year information, only 51 percent of students who transferred without first earning an associate’s degree went on to graduate from their four-year institutions.  In comparison, during the same year, 65 percent of students who transferred after earning an associate’s degree from the College went on to graduate from their four-year institutions. This constitutes a 14 point difference between the two groups.

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