Integrated Enrollment Services Center Opens for Business

As the 2011-12 academic year quickly approaches, students can easily find essential back-to-school services located together in the upper level of the redesigned College Hall at the Central Campus.

Entering the spacious lobby, students can register, make payments, receive financial aid and get parking stickers and ID cards at the Enrollment Services center on the left.

Straight ahead, is the Student Success Center where you will find Advising, the Testing Center, Disability Services, Veterans Affairs, Career Services and Student Affairs.

This organized, cohesive system provides all the services students need in one convenient space.

“It’s roomier and more open,” said Demier Dubois, who was registering for his business administration courses. “There is far less congestion, and the lines are moving faster.”

In the next few weeks, the Student Leadership & Involvement center, located in the lower level of College Hall, will be open and ready for the first day of classes. Here, students can get involved with campus activities by joining the Student Government Association and other student organizations and clubs.

~by Diane VanDyke

Students enjoy the one-stop-shop design of Enrollment Services in College Hall. Photo by Diane VanDyke

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