April Featured Student: Laura Janowski

The College’s Student Success Initiative (SSI) Core Team started its April 27 meeting with a brief presentation by West Campus Math 010 student Laura Janowski.

A Radiography major, Laura was unsuccessful the first time she enrolled in Basic Arithmetic (MAT 010) 1.5 years ago, which was prior to the complete re-design of the course. On the recommendation of an academic advisor, she re-enrolled in spring 2012 in a section taught by Assistant Professor Barbara Lontz, who developed the Concepts of Numbers curriculum and textbook that is now being used College-wide.

Laura has found the Concepts of Numbers course to be more structured in the way math processes are explained.

“It’s helping me understand why we’re doing what we’re doing,” she told the group. “I like the way it’s organized and written. There are less problems, but they’re more focused. It’s not just memorizing.”

Laura passed MAT 010 with an A.

Last month, the SSI Core Team started the practice of opening each meeting with a student presentation in an effort to strengthen the connection between its members and the students who are impacted by the Initiatives’ programs and services.

~ by Alana J. Mauger

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