Nursing Students Lend a Hand at Local Clinic

A group of motivated students enrolled in Montgomery County Community College’s “Nursing Care of Clients With Uncomplicated Health Care Needs” (NUR 112) summer course went beyond their course expectations to lend a helping hand to those in need.  While students are required to observe Montgomery Hospital’s Prenatal Clinic in Norristown as part of their coursework, several students wanted to give back to the place that offers such important services to the community.

Many of the patients that attend the clinic at Montgomery Hospital are immigrants, have low-income status and little resources.  The staff offers a variety of exams and classes throughout the pregnancy term, even parenting lessons.  At the conclusion of each course, the clinic offers a small gift for the attendees, such as slippers for mom, baby items and gift cards.

Her experience at the clinic motivated Anna Folk, who was a student in the NUR 112 summer course, to hold a fundraiser. Upon receiving approval from Judy Davis-Radich, associate professor of nursing, Folk began communicating with her fellow classmates and nursing students in upper level courses at the College and encouraging them to contribute.

“The items that were collected, which include baby clothes, diapers, wipes, lotions and soaps, will be used in the clinic’s Healthy Beginnings Program,” explained Folk.

During the students’ visit, Folk observed that the clinic used older Doppler machines, which are used to listen to the baby’s heartbeat.  Through the fundraising efforts, one student generously paid for a new Doppler machine using his own money.

Additionally, gift cards were purchased to local grocery stores and money was donated to the clinic to go toward new machines.

“In previous summers, other students completed a similar project, but this year’s group received much more in terms of donations,” said Davis-Radich.

The total amount raised was somewhere between $400 and $450, although the majority of donations consisted of items.

“These items will solely benefit the clinic and the people that go there.  It is an amazing feeling to know that you have not only helped the staff of the clinic and the new mothers, but we have also helped these soon-to-be new babies!” said Folk.

~ by Laura Maginley

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