February Research Brief Focuses on Comprehensive Developmental Math Review

The February edition of Research & Practice focuses on the College’s Comprehensive Developmental Math Review.

In the past, students who were not successful in developmental math were not able to progress. But the Student Success Initiative has been working to increase the number of students who are successful in developmental math.

With a new testing method, the 25% of scorers were accelerated into newly created courses to hasten more students through developmental mathematics. To help student success, Math 010B is a two week, boot camp style course which prepares students to take Math 011. Math 011B (Beginning Algebra with Review) is a course which meets four hours per week and covers the same material as Math 011, with extra time to review Math 010 topics.

For students in business and STEM fields who previously placed into Math 011 another option, Math 100B (Intermediate Algebra with Review) was added. In addition, the content of Math 010 was totally redesigned going from a topic-based format to a conceptual, discovery approach.

Success rates are increasing in these new courses as well as in the revamped Math 010 course. Work is progressing on piloting a new approach in Math 011 to increase success rates.

~ by Whitney Etter

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