‘Reach One To Teach One’ Program Empowers Teens

by Julia Motis, Communications Intern

Montgomery County Community College hosted an event on its Central Campus in Blue Bell Thursday, May 16.  Reach One to Teach One (ROTO) is a motivational program for underrepresented teens in  middle and high schools in the area.

The teens that were gathered in the Physical Education Center ranged from those who need free or reduced lunches to those with learning differences. The program was designed in a way that was meant to inspire these young people to work hard in school in order to move on to college and better their futures, despite their current situations.

Speakers included Helen Haynes, Director of Cultural Affairs at the College, and Thom Stecher, who talked to the group about the importance of setting personal goals as well as the necessity of being aware of their surroundings and helping others.  After his lecture, Stecher led a series of team-building exercises, which were well received by everyone in attendance.

The program wrapped up with lunch and a college fair with 50 different colleges and universities represented, during which the students were tasked to find three different colleges that they might want to attend, and to gather a few facts about those institutions so that they can review them with their families.

In addition to holding these programs, ROTO attempts to make even more of a difference from an early age.  The organization intervenes in some of these schools as early as seventh or eighth grade in order to communicate their message before the students reach high school. This way, students can be better prepared for high school and can begin with a higher self-esteem and a better work ethic.

photos by Julia Motis

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