May Research Brief Gives Overview of Dual Enrollment

The May 2013 edition of Research & Practice provides an overview of the College’s Dual Enrollment initiative.

In 2005-2006, Montgomery County Community College began a pilot project offering dual credit courses at local high schools.

During the initial pilot, 230 high school students enrolled in dual credit (DC) courses offered onsite at their respective high schools, taught by either DC high school teachers or College faculty at five different school districts. Since the pilot project launch, the College has seen a significant enrollment growth in DC unduplicated students. Headcount has increased by 49% over four years, while credits generated has grown by 51% over the same time period.

Looking across five fall semesters, the rates of success and retention of Dually Enrolled students are in the 90% range. These students not only remain enrolled in courses at a high rate, but are also successful in their college-level courses. On average, these students are taking approximately 10 college-level credits each semester.

Future plans include creating specific pathways for dual credit students to complete college certificates and degree programs.

~ by Whitney Etter

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