September Research Brief Takes First Look at CCSSE Results

The September 2013 edition of Research & Practice looks at the College’s results from the 2013 Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE). Part two of the survey will be examined in October’s brief.

Every other year during the spring semester, the College participates in the CCSSE and its faculty counterpart, the Community College Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (CCFSSE).

According to the brief, the survey is based on the idea that “the more actively students are engaged with college faculty and staff, with other students, and with the subject matter they study, the more likely they are to stick with their studies, and to attain their academic goals.”

Five benchmarks are surveyed: Active and Collaborative Learning; Student Effort; Academic Challenge; Student-Faculty Interaction; and Support for Learners.

Results show that students continue to give the College good scores for “Support for Learners,” and scores for that benchmark have increased each year since spring 2007.

Student responses suggest areas where the College can facilitate stronger engagement activities among faculty and students include discussing course material outside of class; discussion of grades; and providing “prompt” feedback.

Overall, responses also suggest that the College does promote a supportive environment in which students can succeed.

The student surveys were administered in the classroom; 87 courses were selected, which included both Central and West campuses. Overall 944 completed student surveys and 661 faculty surveys were completed.

~ by Whitney Etter

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