January Research Brief Examines First ‘Winter Session’

The January 2014 edition of Research & Practice looks at results from Montgomery County Community College’s first-ever winter three-week winter session, which began at the end of the fall 2013 semester and continued through winter break.

Nearly 400 students enrolled in the 24 courses offered during the Winter Session.  Almost 35% were guest students from other educational institutions, and those from the College were mostly female (approximately 72%) with an average age of 25.

The courses were extremely effective: an average success rate of 85%, with 55% of all grades in this session either a grade of “A” or “A-.” There was little statistical difference in success rates between guest students and students from the College. Conversely, there were two courses which had lower success rates: ENG 102 (44% success) and POL 124 (43% success). Although it should be noted that POL 124 only had 7 students enrolled.

Currently, there is a Winter Session Taskforce that is reviewing the success data, as well as survey data, from students enrolled during the session. Plans for a Winter Session 2014 will be based on a review of the data from the current session to ensure that the quality and rigor of our educational offerings are maintained.

~ by Whitney Etter

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