2012 Graduate Success Profiles

Lillian Allen, Digital Audio Production

Michael Anderson, Communications

Nathan Aston, Computer Science

Emily Barber, Human Services / Gerontology

Alex Bruckner, Criminal Justice

Christine Chiodo, Social Sciences / Psychology

Sara Christ, Liberal Studies

John Cirillo, Radiography

Alexandra Dark, Social Sciences / History

Peter DeFelice, Business Administration

Tricia Delaurtis, Dental Hygiene

Myke Eggers, General Studies

Brian Gallie, Political Science

Sarah Grebe, Business Administration

Dawn Gruber, Education in the Early Years

Jeff Gruninger, Surgical Technology

Teresa Harris, Communications / Public Relations

Carolyn Hennessy, Nursing

Hakmat Issa, Education in the Early Years

Danielle Kennel, Liberal Studies

Kathleen Labedz, Business Administration

Erin Landis, Liberal Studies

Breanna Matczak, Nursing / Tammy Matczak, Medical Assisting

Emily Minotto, Biological Science

Sarah Munson, Mathematics

Alysa Murray, Liberal Studies

Melissa Nelson, Liberal Studies

Christina O’Connell, Office Administration

John Roddenberry, Criminal Justice

Jenna Rosenberger, Business Administration

Leah Rosenthal, Human Services

Nicholas Salvo, Liberal Studies

Hilary Sbei, Dance

Kayla Sheely, Liberal Studies

Michael Walsh, Liberal Studies

Uraina Watkins, Entrepreneurial Studies

Linda Watson, Health & Fitness Professional

Kristie Weil, Office Administration

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