Hakmat Issa, Education in the Early Years

photo by Matt Carlin

As someone who has a passion for working with young children, Hakmat Issa knew she wanted to pursue a teaching career, and Montgomery County Community College’s Education in the Early Years program was the perfect fit for her.

The College’s close proximity to her Blue Bell home and its convenient schedule allowed her to take the classes she needed for her associate’s degree, while caring for her own three children.

“I enjoyed the versatility, diversity and the many options of the program,” Hakmat said. “Mostly, I enjoyed the interaction with my professors and colleagues.”

Hakmat finished her coursework in December and plans to pursue her bachelor’s degree in education. Her long-term goals include opening her own school and becoming a principal. While taking classes, she worked part-time at the College’s Children’s Center as an assistant teache—a position she enjoyed immensely.

“I like teaching and being around children,” she said. “I like the structure of the Center, the interaction with my fellow co-workers and the immediate positive effects of my work with the children.”

Before moving to Blue Bell in 2004, Hakmat and her husband, Dr. Amer Quaddoura, a physician and professor of anesthesia and critical care, lived in Baltimore. The couple, Palestinians originally from Syria, moved to the United States in 1998. Hakmat previously studied psychology and is interested in neuro-linguistic programming, which includes the latest advances in integrative medicine, effective communication and success strategies.

~ by Diane VanDyke

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