Melissa Nelson, Liberal Studies

photo by Matt Carlin

Montgomery County Community College 2012 graduate Melissa Nelson doesn’t have the answer yet, but she’s seriously mulling what to do in life. Should she become a nutritionist, a child psychologist, or take on a career that’s completely different?

“I would like to find something I’m really passionate about,” says the Blue Bell resident. “I don’t want to just pick something. I want to really enjoy what I’m learning.”

Nelson’s uncertainty has led her to MCCC’s Liberal Studies program, a carefully designed 60-credit hour curriculum that includes a broad range of subjects. Students can take English, history, psychology and many other courses, tailoring a program to fit their interests.

After her graduation in May, Nelson may either travel or go to Penn State, where she has been accepted as a nutrition sciences major.

“Penn State has lots of options. I’ll probably go to school and then travel,” she says. “It makes the most sense. It’s the path of least resistance. I’ll try to find something I can do there — we’ll see what happens. If I can’t find something at Penn State … well, they have everything!”

Nelson, 20, followed her brother to MCCC, which is near her home, and has kept her options open by excelling in her courses. She feels she is getting a “really good education, with so much access to resources.”

“The Library is amazing,” she shares.

Faculty in the College’s Honors Program in particular are “really, really helpful and knowledgeable.

“They’re always available to talk,” says Nelson, who also often attends MCCC’s lunchtime lectures.

She works at a café and babysits, but doesn’t consider waitressing or child care likely prospects for her career – although nutrition or agriculture could possibly be.

“It’s a mystery to me,” Nelson muses about what she’ll do in life. She suspects that whatever career awaits her “won’t have a concrete description.”

~ by Rebecca Rhodin

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