Myke Eggers, General Studies

photo by Matt Carlin

French, German, Mandarin, Arabic –Yes, you can study those languages and more at Montgomery County Community College. In fact, that is what 2012 graduate Myke Eggers is doing, building on an already international career.

“I’ve always loved languages,” says Eggers, 32, a former Florida resident who is fluent in Spanish. “It really surprised me because most community colleges only offer French, Spanish and German. This was a very inviting opportunity.”

In Florida, he was employed as a flight attendant and at a company that helped connect foreign students with seasonal work opportunities in the United States.

Eventually Eggers hopes to get his PhD and teach anthropological linguistics. After MCCC, he hopes to finish his undergraduate studies at Penn State’s Berks campus.

“Montco has been a great experience,” says the Pottsgrove resident, noting that the College even offers left-handed desks. “Little things like that sometimes mean a lot.”

“The professors really seem to enjoy what they’re doing,” he shares. “They’re not there just for the paycheck. With my anthropology teacher, you didn’t even realize that you were learning, but you were learning a lot. And my American history teacher was so passionate about it that I wanted to learn even more.”

“I like both campuses, they’re unique. In Pottstown, I love the architecture and at the Central Campus [in Blue Bell], the technology.”

A gardening hobbyist who works part-time in the gardening department at Lowes, Eggers says the Foundation scholarship he received toward his MCCC has definitely made a difference.

“It has made me want to keep on going,” he shares. “I know if I apply myself, there are even more possibilities out there.”

~ by Rebecca Rhodin

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