Tricia Delauretis, Dental Hygiene

photo by Matt Carlin

Dental Hygiene major Tricia Delauretis is graduating from Montgomery County Community College with grand plans after more than six years of courses and preparation.

Delauretis initially earned an associate’s degree in early childhood education and taught pre-kindergarten for four years, and continued to take classes to earn an associate’s degree in liberal studies.

Now, Delauretis has found her true calling in dental hygiene and is graduating from the College in May with an associate’s degree in Dental Hygiene.

Because of her outstanding academics and service, Delauretis was selected for both the Dental Hygiene Director’s Scholarship and Community Service Scholarship.

Delauretis wasn’t a stranger to school or tests, but was apprehensive about facing the dental hygiene board exams. She attributes her success to the College’s strong program and stellar professors.

In particular, assistant professor of dental hygiene Rose Herman was Delauretis’ motivation and inspiration throughout her time at the College.

“She has never give up hope on any of us and pushed us for the best. None of us would be where we are without her,” Delauretis commends. “The program has enabled me to have the clinical experience of working with real patients to master the skills necessary for me to succeed.”

After she graduates in May, Delauretis will pursue a dental hygienist position at her father’s dental practice.

~ by Whitney L. Etter

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