2013 Graduate Success Profiles

Simeon Acker, Electronic Game and Simulation Design

Michael Bojsza, Liberal Studies

Quanzella Butler, Management

Sara Calcinore, Liberal Studies

Abu Chowdhury, Liberal Studies

Leland Cohen, Liberal Studies

Devin Dietrich, Liberal Studies

Chelsea Epstein, Communications

James Fulop, Computer Science

Abigail Galloway, Liberal Studies

Adam Gaston, Mathematics

Michael Guarini, Biological Sciences

Brigitta Good, Liberal Studies

John Harkins, Business Administration

Lindette Hendricks, Computer Networking

Nicole Holland, Accounting

Jessica Hutchinson, Surgical Technology

Hilda Hynes, Communications

Amy Kolesnik, Business Administration

Roberta Lee, Office Administration / Virtual Assistance

Benjamin Litman, Social Sciences / Psychology

Jessica Lowenstein, Liberal Studies / International Studies

John McKillip, Radiography

Sarah Mearhoff, Liberal Studies

Stefanie O’Connor, Human Services

Aubrey Pace, Education

Soo Jin Park, Computer Science

Kristin Ploshay, Radiography

Patricia Piazza, Criminal Justice

LaKiesha Richert, Nursing 

Lauren Robison, Education in the Early Years

Kimberly Spruill, Culinary Arts

Jessica Stewart, Liberal Studies

Axel Swanson, Engineering

David Tatasciore, Digital Audio Production

Tracey Twitty, Medical Assisting

Susie Valeri, Early Childhood Education

Emily Walichnowski, Human Services

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