Abigail Galloway, Liberal Studies

photo by Sandi Yanisko

photo by Sandi Yanisko

Honors Program scholar Abigail Galloway, Pottstown, has juggled more than her share of obstacles, and now has her eye on Bucknell University.

Galloway had her choice of schools, but the financial support offered by Montgomery County Community College cemented her acceptance. She’s taken an impressively full course load and will graduate in May with an associate’s degree in Liberal Studies. She hopes to major in Accounting when she transfers, and with all her core class requirements successfully out of the way, Galloway is able to pursue the heart of her major at her next institution.

In addition to her full course load, Galloway is the secretary of the Central Campus Student Government Association, a student representative on the All-College Distance Education Committee, and is a member of the Honors Club and Phi Theta Kappa honors society. Although all these responsibilities, in addition to caring for her mother and running a review blog, may overwhelm a lesser woman, Galloway has managed to juggle everything to great success.

Galloway challenged herself to not just graduate but to thrive at the College.

“Community college is what you make it. It’s up to the individual student to challenge themselves. Why bother spending the money and time going to school if you’re not going to actively challenge yourself?” asked Galloway.

And for future students, she advises them to “branch out and try a lot of classes. Use your electives to find something you like. And make absolute sure you check out programs at four-year universities like the Bucknell Community College Scholars Program,” which she participated in last summer.

~ by Whitney Etter

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