Benjamin Litman, Social Sciences / Psychology

Director of Disability Services Saul Finkle presents Ben Litman with the Stephen Lehr Memorial Award. Photo by John Welsh

Director of Disability Services Saul Finkle presents Ben Litman with the Stephen Lehr Memorial Award prior to Commencement. Photo by John Welsh

Ben Litman has food on his mind.  Food marketing that is.  Litman graduated from Montgomery County Community College this past spring with an associate’s degree in Social Science/Psychology, but will up the ante by studying what makes a product unknown or sought after.  His future educational plans are to attend St. Joseph’s University with a major in food marketing and double minor in music and psychology.

Litman commented that he enjoys the field of psychology, but said, “It is very broad in its application.”  He also has a special interest and background in food.  “I decided to apply psychology to the field of marketing,” shared Litman, who dreams of working for Coca-Cola in their future beverage trends department. “I want to revolutionize and set the beverage industry’s trends,” he said.

Litman has encountered obstacles throughout his college career thus far, but has also learned a great deal about himself as well. He says that, despite dealing with Asperger’s Syndrome, Dysgraphia, ADHD, OCD, and switched hemispheres in his brain, he was able to thrive at Montgomery County Community College.

It was Dr. Deborah’s Greenspan’s course, “Positive Psychology,” that Litman attributes as the most enriching class toward his personal being.  He was also introduced to his own personal hero, Viktor E. Frankl, during a course in “Abnormal Psychology.” Finally, Litman also discovered a passion for politics during Assistant Professor Jodi Empol-Schwartz’s Political Science courses, which encouraged him to take an active role in political educational issues.

“I traveled to southern Chester County to confront prejudice against minority and special needs students. I have also been very active during major school board events and elections,” he explained.

The psychology department at MCCC has left an imprint on Litman’s life and career.

“This field opens up opportunities for students looking at careers from Neuroscience to counseling. You also get right into courses that directly relate to your major,” stated Litman.

He made an imprint on MCCC, too.  He served as Assistant Station Manager and Stage Manager for the College’s radio station, Montco Radio, due to his love for music.  Additionally, he served as an Student Government Association senator, participated in multiple Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges Lobby Days in Harrisburg, and received the 2013 Stephen Lehr Memorial Award prior to Commencement.

When he’s not at school, he enjoys playing bass, watching NFL games, following politics, engaging in wood working and being a beer connoisseur.

~ by Laura Maginley

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