Brigitta Good, Liberal Studies

photo by Matt Carlin

photo by Matt Carlin

For Brigitta Good, choosing a career means following her passion to help people of all ages and walks of life, from children with special needs to homeless people on the streets to senior citizens.

That’s why her goals, after graduating with an associate’s degree in liberal studies, include earning her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her master’s degree in occupational therapy.

“At first, I thought I wanted to major in physical therapy,” said the 20-year-old Glenside resident. “But, then I realized I want to help people with more than their physical needs, which is why I decided to major in psychology and then get a master’s degree in occupational therapy. Then, I can do so much more for people.”

During her last semester at Montgomery County Community College, Good participated in the annual Alternative Spring Break program, in which students give up their traditional spring break vacation to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity. This year, students traveled to the remote area of Franklin, W. Va., to help build homes for deserving families.

One of the highlights of the trip for Good was meeting some of the local residents and spending time with their young children during a community dinner hosted by the students.

“I like babysitting—it’s a refreshing break from being with adults,” she said, noting that one of her three part-time jobs is babysitting. She also works as a personal assistant and at Elcy’s Café at the Glenside train station as a barista, cook and waitress.

While this was Good’s first time volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, it was not her first experience with traveling or volunteering.  During high school, she went on mission trips to Acapulco, Mexico, and Guatemala with the youth group at New Life Presbyterian Church in Glenside.

“The missions were very different,” Good said. “In Guatemala, we worked with poor families and children. In Acapulco, there were a lot issues with addiction and homelessness. We worked at a shelter for teens that provided food, activities and showers. The teens could stay there overnight if they were drug free.”

In addition to these trips, Good participated in a student exchange program in which she lived with a family in Germany for five weeks. In turn her family hosted a German student, and Good had the opportunity to share the sites of the Philadelphia region with her.

During her years at Abington High School, Good was the captain of the soccer team and played the French horn. Following graduation, she attended Messiah College for a year and then switched to MCCC in 2012-13, where she could continue her education and graduate debt free.

The highlight of her fall 2012 semester, she says, was being captain of the Mustangs soccer team and winning many of the games.

In the fall of 2013, she plans to attend Penn State University in Abington and looks forward to playing on the soccer team.

After she completes her education goals, Good plans to work as an occupational therapist, travel and continue her volunteer work with the homeless.

~ by Diane VanDyke

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