Devin Dietrich, Liberal Studies

BLOG Devin Dietrich

photo by Sandi Yanisko

You can find her name on the Dean’s List all four semesters and among the list of Montgomery County Community College Honors Program scholars.  Liberal Studies major Devin Dietrich, Collegeville, will be graduating from MCCC in May to pursue a bachelor’s degree in actuarial sciences at Lycoming College.  Dietrich believes that if students truly want to enjoy their time at MCCC, they should get involved with clubs and organizations, like the Honors Club.

“Some of the benefits [of the Honors Program] are smaller classes, extra help scheduling classes, and scholarship opportunities,” she shared.

Dietrich first started taking classes at the College when she was still in high school as a dual enrollment student. She then decided to join the Honors Program after learning about the tuition scholarship that could be available to her at MCCC.  She also participated in activities offered by the Honors Program, including the honors banquet last year in the Fine Arts Center, which was her favorite.

Dietrich’s favorite courses at the College included English with Dr. Hal Halbert and Calculus with Professor Brandon Klarman. Klarman’s class encouraged her to look at different careers that are focused on math.  Despite being a liberal studies major, she believes the transition to finance will be easier than expected.

“I don’t think that there will be much of a transition between a liberal arts major and a major that deals more with math and finance. I have been taking many math classes already at MCCC. Although the classes will get harder after I transfer I think that they will also be more interesting to me so it will be an easy transition,” she said.

So, what exactly is actuarial science?  It’s a discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries.  While some may say that this sounds stressful, Dietrich plans on channeling her inner peace to make her the most successful in this field.

“I have always been very interested in math and especially statistics, so when I heard about the major of actuarial sciences it seemed like a perfect fit for me,” she shared. To be in a stressful field like this, it will be necessary to stay calm and not get overwhelmed by the data. I tend to be a very level headed person that doesn’t get frazzled or overwhelmed easily which will help me in the stressful aspects of the job.”

When she’s not involved with school work, she enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking and running.

~ by Laura Maginley

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