James Fulop, Computer Science

BLOG James Fulop

photo by Sandi Yanisko

James Fulop, Collegeville, was seeking a local, affordable college that didn’t feel like “13th grade.” He discovered that Montgomery County Community College not only offered a wide variety of courses, but rigor that challenged him.

The College’s Honors Program was a perfect fit for Fulop, who found the classes were cross-curricular, applying concepts and ideas from one Honors class to another.

And like many students, Fulop has connected with the professors as mentors and life coaches.

“I’ve come to respect their dedication to building a strong community by providing excellent education and pushing the students.”

And the drive to success is now a part of Fulop’s daily expectation. He chose Computer Science as a way to create software that may benefit people’s everyday lives.

“I’ve also become more interested in educating myself on topics that interest me outside of the classroom. I think that this pursuit will make my life more fulfilling and successful. I also think MC3 has made me more likely to try to pursue my future dreams,” he said.

After graduating in the spring, Fulop is interning at Dixon Consulting and Development before he tackles a university in the fall.

Fulop looks to the future, with the College providing the solid foundation he needs for success.

“Montco is a great place to find your passion, and then to follow through on that dream. Try something new!”

~ by Whitney Etter

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