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photo by Matt Carlin

Although she did not intend on becoming involved in Montgomery County Community College’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) honor society and Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) business organization, Quanzella Butler made use of every campus resource to guarantee that she has a thriving career upon graduation.  Butler, of Pottstown, will be graduating from MCCC with a degree in management with high expectations of starting her own business in the future.

“The most rewarding aspect of my major is learning about different aspects of business from supervision, business law, business ethics and introduction to speech, which gave me confidence to be more than just a student,” Butler shared.  She plans on transferring to Albright College to pursue a degree in business management.

Butler, a mother of 10, is not a stranger to juggling multiple tasks and goals at once.  “I have learned to balance everything,” she said.  She also has previous experience in her desired field, which included managing a tax office for two years.

Phi Beta Lambda first caught Butler’s interest when a professor recommended the business oriented student organization.

“I was really interested in getting involved, because it seemed like a great club for business students,” explained Butler.  It was after she received a 4.0 GPA and made Dean’s List that Butler opted to become a member of PTK, which recognizes achievement among two-year college students.  “I was determined to become a part of the PTK, it was a personal mission for me,” she expressed.

Throughout her involvement in these organizations, she participated in fundraising efforts, promoted Phi Beta Lambda events and developed her leadership skills.

“Some of my favorite memories involve giving back to MCCC, which will help students after I am gone,” shared Butler.  The opportunities she encountered while engaging in community service and interacting with others was also a large benefit that she came across.

When she’s not involved with PTK and PBL, Butler also holds the position of secretary in the book club and is involved in the student challenge.

“Being involved in clubs gave me a sense of belonging to something that is meaningful and a sense of importance,” she said.  Additionally, she is the co-leader for a Girl Scout troop outside of MCCC.

Butler’s support system includes her fiancé, children and Assistant Professor of Speech Communication Rob Novelli.  In her free time, she enjoys sewing, camping, gardening and reading.

~ by Laura Maginley

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