Soo Jin Park, Computer Science

BLOG Soo Jin Park

photo by Sandi Yanisko

MIT-hopeful Soo Jin Park, of Skippack, initially chose Montgomery County Community College for economic reasons, namely because attending a four-year institution was too costly to finance alone. But what she found was that the College is more than a stepping stone to a university; it is a community of people driven to succeed.

Park confesses, “I came with a negative preconception about community college students, and I’m proud to admit that I was wrong.” What she found instead were individuals who have banded together and can achieve more collectively than they could alone.

“The College has brilliant and passionate students whose visions rival that of the high and mighty, and has inspiring and supportive faculty who instill a prelude to greatness,” added Park.

Part of her impressive academic resume includes studying in MCCC’s Honors Program, which she describes as a “great community of students who are essentially in the same situation. We support each other through various academic nervous breakdowns and keep each other from procrastinating too much,” said Park.

Even with the emotional support of fellow students, Park attributes her real success to the financial support that the College was able to provide.

“I wouldn’t have been able to attend MCCC without the Honors Program scholarship.”

When Park graduates in May with a degree in Computer Science, she hopes to continue her education at one of the country’s top schools: MIT. Although she realizes acceptance is a “tall order,” she has the confidence and foundation that the College has provided for her.

As a result of her academic journey, Park hopes that other students at the College hear her message: “You made the right decision. Hold on, because if you do, there is a great future for you. Don’t submit to negative self-fulfilling prophecies. This is not the end of your academic career. You can most definitely succeed!”

~ by Whitney Etter

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