Nathan Aston, Computer Science

photo by Matt Carlin

Nathan Aston made his decision about higher education based on economics and a sibling’s experience and ended up in the Montgomery County Community College Honors Program.

“I enrolled right after high school,” said Aston, 20, of East Greenville. “My sister went to MCCC for two years, and it was much better financially for me to come here than go to a four-year college.”

Aston said he was able to explore his major – computer science – and decide that he wanted to remain on that path at a minimum risk.  He intends to transfer to Houghton College after graduation in May and ultimately pursue a career in software design.

“The Honors scholarship helped with tuition,” Ashton said. “MCCC tuition is much better [than that] of a regular four-year college; I can get my prerequisites out of the way and see if I still want to follow my major.”

In addition to his work in the Honors Program, Aston participated in athletic intramural events and other activities.

“I like to see how MCCC is involved with the community by helping with the different projects they do,” he said.

The Montgomery County Community College Honors Program offers a unique opportunity for high-ability students in Associate in Arts or Associate in Science transfer degree programs to thrive intellectually in a comfortable and challenging academic environment. In classes of 15 students or fewer, Honors students, through creative and stimulating interaction with professors as mentors and facilitators, assume responsibility for their own learning.

The program provides an opportunity for highly motivated students to expand their intellectual, cultural and social horizons in a caring, stimulating environment. Students are required to maintain a grade point average of 3.25 to remain in the program.

~ by Neree Aron-Sando

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