Peter DeFelice, Business Administration

photo by Matt Carlin

photo by Matt Carlin

A few years ago when Peter DeFelice of Philadelphia graduated from high school, he initially was not planning to attend college, but his mother and sister encouraged him to try it.

DeFelice not only tried Montgomery County Community College, but he thoroughly enjoyed it and made the commitment to get his degree.

Fast-forwarding to the present, DeFelice will receive his associate’s degree in Business Administration in May 2012 and then will go to a four-year institution in the fall 2012 to get his bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Reflecting about his decision, DeFelice feels grateful for his family’s encouragement and knows he made the right choice.

“I chose Montgomery County Community College because it is the best place for students to figure out what they want to do with their lives before they matriculate to four-year schools,” he said. “The price is affordable.”

Affordability is important to DeFelice and many other students like him, who work part-time or full-time jobs while taking their classes. Fortunately, DeFelice qualified for Pell Grant funds and an academic scholarship, which help to ease the financial strain.

In addition to the reasonable tuition, DeFelice feels he received the sound academic support he needed through the Act 101 Program and attributes his success at MCCC to the available tutoring services, caring faculty, and advising team.

“Mrs. Lesley Osias in the advising department is one of the most thoughtful, caring staff members at Montgomery County Community College,” he said.

He also finds the recently renovated buildings conducive for studying.

“The new renovated facilities at MCCC are really cool—there are plenty of places to go to on campus for quiet study time,” he said. “One of the greatest things I enjoy is the secluded desks and tables that are available. This is often overlooked at a college campus.”

For all these reasons, DeFelice feels he has a solid education foundation to enable him to succeed as he takes the next step toward reaching his goal of becoming an accountant.

“I see the importance of a college education and have learned a great deal about what it means to work hard,” he said. “I have my mother and sister to thank for pushing me and MCCC for providing the support, skills and education I needed.”

~ by Diane VanDyke

1 thought on “Peter DeFelice, Business Administration

  1. Lesley Osias has a sixth sense.
    She is very smart and insightful as to human nature.
    I also am very happy to hear about Peter’s success; terrific. He will succeed.

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